In 1999, Chalae was traveling through the mountains of Colorado and the Lord unexpectedly began to speak to her deeply.  She remembered her childhood horse, Tina, and how Chalae’s connection to her horse helped Chalae through some difficult times in her childhood. While driving along the steep, winding roads, the Lord dropped a vision in Chalae to start a horse ranch. She found herself overwhelmed with the desire for children and families going through rough times to find security and peace – freedom from the ugliness of life that tries to defeat our dreams. This desire in her heart took Chalae back to what God had done in her through her horse Tina. Tina helped Chalae continue to hope and dream for a better future. Chalae’s time with Tina reflected pure joy and freedom. This hope and freedom continued to grow in her heart and led her to a personal relationship with Jesus.  It is Chalae’s desire to share that love to wounded hearts so that they can experience the acceptance and peace that only Jesus Christ can give.

Even though this dream was rooted deep down in Chalae’s heart, she had no idea when this might occur or how to make it happen. Chalae only knew God’s voice speaking to her heart.

In 2015, Chalae followed God’s leading to turn this dream into a reality, and found the perfect ranch for Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch just 10 minutes east of I-25 and Hwy 52.