You Matter


Graceful Oaks would like to introduce YOU Matter, a program to help women rebuild their lives after surviving abuse (physical, sexual, emotional or verbal), domestic violence, and other trauma.

This program is anchored by 4 tenants:

Be Heard

Oftentimes, when survivors share their story of abuse or trauma, their support group changes, leaving the survivor feeling isolated and ashamed. Our heart at Graceful Oaks is to provide survivors of abuse and trauma a safe place to find their voice and share their story, without judgment, and connect with other women who are on the same journey of finding hope and healing.

Be Informed

Provides empowerment and education for women to care for themselves and their families.  Hear from other women who have been on this journey of healing and restoration, be connected to resources available within the community, learn and recognize the warning signs of abuse, and be equipped to experience healthy relationships.

Be Known

As survivors navigate through abuse and trauma, they need to feel safe and protected. Some women face losing their homes or not having enough money to buy food for their family.  Feeling alone and afraid can lead to depression and hopelessness. Our focus is to help survivors self-advocate, identify life strategies, and grow in personal development by creating short and long-term goals to help rebuild and strengthen their life.  

Be Loved

In our brokenness of abuse and trauma, there is a loving God who desires for us to know Him and His love for us. His truth, the Bible, is crucial in helping us know Him and understand unconditional love; this is key to rebuilding our life after abuse and trauma. Participants will have the opportunity to experience His love and presence through Bible studies, guest speakers, connecting with other women, experiencing the Ranch, and participating in Certified Equine Sessions that are designed to help find hope and healing.

My name is Valerie Renville. I have over 20 years’ serving in the local church, a master’s degree from Denver Seminary in Christian Formation and Soul Care, and I currently serve as a certified equine session leader, spiritual director, and teacher of God’s Word. My passion is for women to know the freedom they have in Christ as a daughter of the King. In my own journey to freedom, God has opened my eyes to how He equally loves both His sons and daughters. His Word, the Bible, tells us we are equal in being, equal in gifting, and equal in the work of the Kingdom. God created marriage as a symbol of this equality. It is a partnership designed to show mutual submission and love to one another. When one spouse dominates another, that is not equality or partnership, it is abuse. As Director of You Matter, my desire is to point others to know Jesus through prayer and His Word; for them to know how valued they are as His children; and to see marriages flourish based on love and gifting. God is love and all He does is in love. He shows love and asks us to love one another. You Matter does just that – we are a Christ-centered program here to help women and children to know God’s love and walk with them as they leave and heal from abuse.

Hi, my name is Tifani. I am a 14-year survivor of domestic violence. I was married to my abuser for 10 years. When I finally got the strength and courage to leave in October 2005, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It showed me I could survive and begin a new life. Since leaving, it has been my heart's desire to give back to other women and children who are either experiencing abuse or have left an abusive relationship. Now through You Matter, God has given me an amazing gift. You Matter allows me to hear women’s stories without judgment, to walk with them in seeking help, and remind them they can leave and have a beautiful life without abuse. My goal at You Matter is to be a coach to cheer them on when they are moving forward, as well as a coach to pick them up when they are down and feel like they cannot do it for themselves. I want women to find their voices again and love themselves, maybe for the first time. When they do, they too will be able to know the healing power their stories bring to others and themselves. Know in your heart that You Matter to us! We are here to help, guide, love, listen, coach etc. God bless you all

My name is Wendi Copello. I am a compassionate individual who has a deep desire to serve God by serving others. I knew immediately that Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch was a place to invest my time and gifts. Particularly, I believe the You Matter Program can support and assist those that have endured trauma and domestic abuse. My experience in working more than 30 years in various government agencies, as well as a background in criminal justice, has given me insight to the various needs that women face when trying to recover and start anew from domestic violence. With a strong administrative background, my desire is to support the needs of the You Matter Team which in turn allows the Team a greater outreach for supporting women in learning God’s love for them.

Our Founder


Chalae Collard is certified in FBEAB (Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy) and is the Founder and CEO of Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch. Graceful Oaks offers faith-based programs for mental health and wellness, personal development and growth, and programs that strengthen families.

The idea of the Ranch began in 1999 when God spoke to Chalae’s heart and placed a dream there of one day having a ranch where women, children, and families could come to find refuge from the painful places in their lives and experience hope and healing.

Chalae’s healing from her own journey through domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma is evident when she is leading Certified Equine Sessions. This program encourages women and children who are going through pain to find hope while identifying lies we believe and replacing them with God’s truths. This program is for ages 10 and older and targets issues like personal power, finding and using your voice, healthy boundaries, trust, hope, and truly knowing that you are loved by God.

Her love for horses started at a young age when she met her first horse named Tina. Tina taught Chalae about relationships, acceptance, and love. Their relationship was a safe place for Chalae to run to when times got hard at home and life created pain that was too difficult to carry. This safety was evident to those around her, as Chalae rode Tina with no shoes and bareback for hours upon hours. She experienced the air of freedom as they rode together and raced trains next to the tracks, freeing her mind of worry and placing truth in her heart that God had a better future ahead, one beyond what Chalae could see that day.

Chalae’s ministry experience includes creating, developing, and teaching Christian leadership skills to children and women through programs like Club 56 (for 5th and 6th graders), Women’s Bible Connection, which has reached over 450 women today, and helping to create a women’s mentoring program being offered today through a church in Colorado.

Chalae’s heart is to minister to those who are struggling to find hope in a broken world and to point to the restorative power of God. Her well-traveled road with God includes emotional, spiritual, and physical healing that encourages others to believe that brokenness in God’s hands leads to hope!

Chalae Collard
Founder & CEO
Graceful Oaks Youth Ranch
FBEAP Certified